WECT Investigates: History of distrust between homeowners and D.R. Horton

WECT Investigates: History of distrust between homeowners and D.R. Horton

NORTH CAROLINA (WECT) - Over the years, the relationship between homeowners and developer D.R. Horton has been marred by frustration and miscommunication.

The North Carolina Attorney General's Office has investigated 20 complaints filed by homeowners against the developers since late 2014. In documents WECT obtained from the NCAGO, complaints ranged from flooded homes blamed on the construction to subcontractors allegedly filling up 5-gallon buckets at a homeowner's outside faucet to be used at nearby homes under construction.

Five reports were filed by homeowners from the Cape Fear region since 2014. A Wilmington complainant claimed the concrete and painting was in disarray at his home when he moved in January 2016. The Wilmington man said D.R. Horton promised to fix the warranty issues but the final fix wasn't scheduled until October 2016 - one month after the Attorney General's Office requested the developer respond to the claims.

The "unfinished warranty" or checklist items appear to be a common theme in many complaints and stories WECT has covered between homeowners and D.R. Horton. Homeowners have contacted WECT claiming the developer's promise to fix listed issues in the home was not fulfilled within the 90-day deadline.

The Attorney General's Office has also had a difficult time receiving a response from the developer in a timely manner. A handful of investigations required several letters from the NCAGO until the developer came back with a response.

In one instance, the NCAGO had to tell a customer they were unable to get in contact with the developer and, thus, were unable to help the homeowner.

It is still unclear how much of a hand the Attorney General's Office has in keeping the developer responsible. In one response to a complainant, a representative with NCAGO said they can request a resolution but cannot dictate how it is resolved.

WECT asked the NCAGO what it can do to keep D.R. Horton accountable for 90-day checklist promises and other complaints. We are waiting to hear back.

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