Bill Murray

Bill Murray


Wilmington, NC

I’m Bill Murray (no, the other one J), excited for the chance to share stories about Wilmington, NC and it’s surrounding communities.

It’s an opportunity few could pass up. If you live here, you know exactly what I’m talking about. We get to spend time in a region that thousands save for all year long, hoping for that week or two at their favorite vacation destination; trust me, I won’t be taking that for granted!

I’m a native of New Jersey, most recently having spent time in West Virginia.

It’s been a real joy, to find this new adventure, brings with it advice from so many who have called this place their second home. I have worked with management at WECT-TV, in years past, and can tell you it’s an honor to be part of this news team. I share an office, every day, with people who are passionate about what they do.

The Jersey Shore, Washington, DC, Rochester, NY, Huntington, WV, are all places I’ve called home, over the years.

Now, I'm looking forward to experiencing Wilmington. Don’t hesitate to say “hi!” and share your hidden gems. I’m always up for the adventure!

Feel free to touch base with story ideas, people who make a difference, or just a “heads up” about what’s going on, in your neighborhood.


  • American University, Journalism & Political Science

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