Raleigh-based craft beer spot ‘The Hop Yard’ opens new location in Wilmington

Raleigh-based craft beer spot ‘The Hop Yard’ opens new location in Wilmington
The Hop Yard opened a second location in Wilmington Friday. (Source: Jack Gallop)

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - The Hop Yard, a craft beer bar and store in Raleigh, has opened up a second location in downtown Wilmington.

Located on 108 Grace Street, next to the Courtyard Marriott, the Hop Yard celebrated its soft opening on Friday with limited customers.

On Saturday, the Hop Yard will be open to the public. Co-owners Susan Barnes and Christian Stoner said the reasons that they chose the Port City for their bar’s expansion were both sentimental and practical.

“We love Wilmington,” Stoner said. “We have a condo down here. And we figured if we’re ever going to open a second spot, it should be near the condo so we’ve got somewhere to stay... it was as simple as that.”

Barnes and Stoner have lived in Raleigh for over a decade, but are both originally from the United Kingdom. The co-owners hoped to combine British pub culture with the already vibrant spirit of downtown Wilmington. They also hope to provide Wilmington with a place for those passionate about craft beer to come together and have discussions about the malt drink.

However, the Hop Yard is not just a spot for drinking beer. While they do not serve food, they serve kombucha, ciders and wine. Barnes, a trained sommelier, said they hope to begin wine tasting events in the near future.

The Hop Yard’s opening process began only two weeks ago on the first day of the New Year. Barnes and Stoner said that the owners of the previous bar to reside in that space, Bomber’s Beverage Company, were helpful in assisting with the transition and allowing them to open so quickly.

The British-inspired pub becomes one of many bottle shops to add to Wilmington’s growing craft beer scene.

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