Outside investigation of teacher using “N-word” over; Pender County Schools yet to release findings

Update on Pender County Schools investigation

A staff member at Pender High School allegedly used the “N-word.”

“Someone is guilty or someone is not guilty and there are a lot of facts surrounding how the decision was made,” said Clyde Edgerton, advocate with Concerned Parents and Citizens 2020. “And, its interesting to see who made the decision—and all of that should be coming out publicly.”

Edgerton is one of a number of community advocates who recently found out the school board received the findings weeks ago, but they’ve yet to be released to the public.

School board chairman Don Hall says that before anything can be released, student names need to be redacted and the school board needs to vote to release it.

“This should all be released to the public immediately,” said Edgerton. “We know the Wilmington police department insisted on information being released to the public which had to do with the use of the ’N-word,’ in this case we’re talking about use of the ’N-word.’”

Edgerton is referring to three former Wilmington police officers who were fired in June after it was discovered they used racial slurs.

Edgerton has been vocal against New Hanover County schools since allegations of sex crimes involving students and teachers surfaced. He believes whether a teacher in Pender County did or did not use a racial slur, parents have the right to know.

“The investigation is over; what did it say? People need to know. People need to know if there was an issue of racism in a governing body or not and if there weren’t, people need to know that.”

Hall says the possible release of the 200-page investigation could come as early as tomorrow.

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