Wilmington hibachi restaurant shut down over low inspection grade

Wilmington hibachi restaurant shut down over low inspection grade

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - A hibachi restaurant in Wilmington was closed indefinitely last week and its permit revoked after county health inspectors found nearly 30 violations at the business.

The Hibachi Grill Supreme Buffet, located at 356 South College Road in University Centre, has been closed since Feb. 22 after the restaurant received a health inspection of 65 by county officials.

North Carolina public health laws require officials to immediately revoke the permit for any food establishment that receives a score of less than 70 percent.

According to the inspection report, violations for the restaurant included sewage backing up through the kitchen floor, employees using a drill and paint stirrer to mix sauces, and a paint brush was used in food oil.

Certain foods were being stored at improper temperatures in the freezer and on the buffet, and food from an unknown source that wasn’t on the menu was being stored in the freezer, including two types of unknown fish, pork legs in a grocery bag, and fish balls.

Officials also observed tire rims being left in the storage area and employees not washing their hands

In order for the restaurant to reopen, the owners will have to apply for a new permit and undergo a reinspection “at the earliest convenience of the regulatory authority," according to state law.

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