North Carolina has nearly a billion in unclaimed cash. How to see if some of it is yours!

North Carolina has nearly a billion in unclaimed cash. How to see if some of it is yours!
Published: Feb. 3, 2022 at 8:48 AM EST
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NORTH CAROLINA (WECT) - State Treasurer Dale Folwell is trying to reunite North Carolinians with almost a billion of their own missing dollars.

North Carolinians can search their name or business name at to see if any of the $919 million in unclaimed property is theirs.

Unclaimed property can mean financial instruments like rent or utility deposits someone may have forgotten to collect or unpaid insurance policy benefits. It can also mean physical objects like items found in abandoned lockboxes that were turned over to the state.

“Some of this money results in a life-changing event, especially when you are able to return some life insurance proceeds to a person that did not know they were the beneficiary,” Folwell said. “All the abandoned lockboxes in North Carolina — when the banks cannot figure out who the rightful owners of those lockboxes are — all those contents come to also.”

A range of unclaimed treasures have been turned over to the state including collectibles and sentimental items, like marathon medals, war medals and old baseball cards.

Folwell’s office does all it can to find the rightful owners of these items, but sometimes they can’t be found and the items end up sitting around for years.

While there are unclaimed items and objects, most of what the Unclaimed Property Division returns is money.

The grid below shows just how much unclaimed property there is in Southeastern North Carolina:

NEW HANOVER$27,705,686.72338,474

Because of the relatively new and easy-to-use online match program, the Unclaimed Property Division was able to return a record-breaking $70.4 million in fiscal year 2021. Folwell believes we will surpass that record for fiscal year 2022.

“We have the potential of actually doubling that number this year. And what’s even more important is that we’re doing a better job of collecting this money from the financial institutions that owe it to us,” he said.

To search your name or business name to see if you have unclaimed property click on this link.

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