‘He ain’t going to shoot nobody no more’: 911 call captures fatal shots in Boiling Spring Lakes shooting

While the shots are clearly heard on the call, it remains unclear who exactly pulled the trigger
Published: Jan. 13, 2022 at 5:34 PM EST
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BOILING SPRING LAKES, N.C. (WECT) - At least three shots can be heard in the background of a 911 call made the night of a deadly shooting in Boiling Spring Lakes.

The call, one of five obtained by WECT on Thursday, apparently came from the father of a man who claimed he had tracked down several men who had assaulted his son with brass knuckles earlier that day.

While the shots are clearly heard on the call, it remains unclear who exactly pulled the trigger.

Law enforcement officials have not yet filed charges in the incident or identified anyone involved. Attempts to reach Boiling Spring Lakes Police Chief Greg Jordan were unsuccessful. District Attorney Jon David said in a statement that he was unable to provide any additional information until a decision about charges was made.

Editor’s note: Several parties involved in the incident are identified in the 911 calls. WECT is not naming any individual at this time, as law enforcement has not filed charges or identified the man who died.

The incident

Officers with the Boiling Spring Lakes Police Department responded to a shooting near the intersection of Windemere Drive and Masters Drive shortly before 10 p.m. the night before.

In a news release, Jordan said police found there had been an “altercation” and that one person was shot.

“This was an isolated incident and there is no threat to the public,” Jordan said in the release

“I just got jumped”

The first 911 call came from a man who said he had been attacked in the front yard of his home on Swain Street in Bolivia by two individuals.

“I just got jumped, I’m bleeding really bad,” the caller said.

The caller says he believes he was hit in the back of the head by brass knuckles and identifies two men as the alleged assailants. Asked what prefaced the attack, the man relays through his wife, who began speaking with the 911 operator, that he doesn’t know.

In a second call several hours later, the man tells a 911 operator his dad had found the attackers at a home on Windemere Drive in Boiling Spring Lakes.

“I’m just trying to give you guys a heads up so you guys can get a cop over there to arrest them before something bad happened,” the caller warned.

Responding to a question about his dad’s location, the caller says he’s “up the road just a little bit” from the house.

“He was waiting on a cop to get there but it’s been almost two hours and no cop has been over there,” the caller said. “So, he told me to call BSL before he goes to handle it himself and I don’t want him to do that.”

“He ain’t going to shoot nobody no more”

Arguably the most revealing, albeit confusing, call came from the father of the man who reported being attacked.

In the nearly six-minute call, the man says he’s outside a home where two of the reportedly four men who were involved in his son’s attack were located. He noted that one of the men appeared to be holding a gun.

Though he indicated he was going to leave the area because he didn’t want to be “in the middle of this,” just over a minute into the call the caller can be heard talking to someone nearby.

“Oh hey, how you doing, that’s awesome,” the caller can be heard saying. “Don’t move, you get the (inaudible),” he continued, as at least three gunshots can be heard in the background.

Below is the exchange between the caller and the 911 operator immediately after the shots were fired:

Operator: “Did he just shoot at you, sir?”

Caller: “He sure did. Sure did. He ain’t going to shoot nobody no more.”

Operator: “Did you shoot at him, sir?”

Caller: “He’s laying on the ground, I don’t know what happened to him.”

Operator: “Okay, did somebody get shot, sir?”

Caller: “Imma tell you what, there’s a shotgun and a guy laying here.”

Operator: “Did somebody get shot?”

Caller: “I can’t tell you, I’m going to get out of this (expletive) truck, my eye’s bleeding, he stuck that (expletive) shotgun right in my (expletive) eye.”

Operator: “Sir, did somebody get shot?”

Caller: “Ma’am I don’t know, I’m not staying to see. I know that there’s… how soon to (inaudible)?”

As sirens can be heard pulling up to the scene, the man claims the attackers videotaped the earlier assault of his son.

Alleged assailant calls 911

The final 911 call came from a man identified by the alleged assault victim as his attacker.

In the brief call, the man says, “they just shot and killed a man.”

The recording provided to WECT abruptly ends as the 911 operator asks where the individual was shot.

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