FREE: N.C. lawyers offer legal resources at no charge during 4LL Statewide Service Day

FREE: N.C. lawyers offer legal advice at no charge during 4LL Statewide Service Day

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - Have legal questions but can’t afford to pay an attorney for the answers? If so, Friday is your lucky day. The North Carolina Bar Foundation will host the 4LL Statewide Service Day March 5.

“It’s a program that the North Carolina Bar Foundation holds annually where, for a day, people across North Carolina can call and speak to an attorney for free,” says Mark Holt, president of the N.C. Bar Association and Foundation.

Over 400 attorneys, paralegals and law school students will provide free legal answers, resources and information for callers.

The 4ALL Statewide Service Day phones lines be open Friday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. The number to call is 910-218-2040.

Television stations across the state, including WECT, typically host the one-day event at the studios. This year, due to the pandemic, it’s all virtual.

Holt says there are advantages to this new format.

“We’re utilizing technology that allows them to take the calls wherever,” Holt says. “We do have the added benefit with this new technology that the caller doesn’t just get the benefit of who might be sitting in the studio but gets the benefit of their question being directed to an attorney who practices in that area of law. Holt adds, “While we lose out on the in-person , we gain some things with this new format.”

Holt says no questions are off-limits. If you have a legal question, there will be someone to provide an answer.

“Any type of legal question that a person needs information about is appropriate,” Holt says. “One of the benefits this year of conducting this in a virtual format is that they’ll be an availability through the technology and perhaps talking with someone screening the call to direct them directly to an attorney that practices in the area of law they need.”

For more information on the 4ALL Statewide Service Day, click here.

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