Protesters rally to remove confederate statue

Protesters rally to remove confederate statue

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - Dozens of protesters took to the streets of downtown Wilmington Saturday, demanding city leaders take down a confederate statue.

The statue on Third and Market Streets, is dedicated to George Davis, the fourth attorney general of the confederate states.

The statue of Davis has been in the city Wilmington since the early 1900′s, but protesters said it has no purpose here.

“[The George Davis statue] belongs in a museum. It belongs in a history book and it needs to be taught, so that when it’s taught, we can say never again," Sonya Patrick-Amenra. a community activist, said.

“That message is best given in a history book, not a statue glorifying a horrible part of the past where you oppressed men, women and children of African descent,” Patrick-Amenra said.

The group said its message was that in a progressive America, there is no need to show the statue, especially in a world where the confederacy lost the Civil War.

“We’re coming together as a community to let the city of Wilmington know and the state of North Carolina and the country know that these are not the values that Wilmington, North Carolina stands for," Patrick-Amenra said.

Community members said “times of the confederacy were about separation, now we’re about togetherness.”

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