Say cheese: ‘Our State’ features North Carolina cheese

'Our State' helps you to perfect your wine and cheese pairings

  Virtual version of annual Wilmington Jewish Film Festival underway

The annual event kicked off Tues., Aug. 10, but it is virtual this year due to COVID-19.

  Depression, anxiety on the rise in North Carolina during pandemic

Therapist Mindy France talks about the rise of depression and anxiety in North Carolina during the coronavirus pandemic

  UNCW creates committee to address campus diversity and inclusion

UNCW has created a task force to enhance diversity on campus

  Audience grows for documentary about 1898 massacre ‘Wilmington on Fire’

A documentary about Wilmington’s 1898 massacre can now be viewed in more places

  Dozens of donors, including our Ashlea Kosikowski, give blood at the WECT News, Red Cross and Custom Home Furniture Galleries drive

Dozens of donors answered the call Wednesday to give blood, as our nation faces a shortage of donations due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

  Wilson Center offers drive-in concerts this week

You can enjoy live music and practice physical distancing

  Topsail Island makes the cover of this month’s ‘Our State’

Several coastal spots are featured in this month's edition

  More art coming to Wilmington International Airport

The Arts Council of Wilmington and New Hanover County and ILM collaborated to bring more art to the airport terminal.

  Wilmington woman injured in CA demonstration plans to continue protesting

A woman from Wilmington was badly injured when she got caught between police and instigators at what was a peaceful protest in San Diego

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  First at Four recipe: Chef Gwen Gulliksen from CFCC shares recipe for double chocolate chip cookies

This recipe accounts for a lack of certain items at the grocery stores.

  Screen time is up; use it wisely

Screen time up in response to pandemic so find beneficial uses

  Don't be a PPE litterbug

Be sure to properly discard of your PPE

  Cool way to show appreciation: Artist creates 'Heroes Work Here' ice sculpture

Cool way to show appreciation: ‘Heroes Work Here’ ice sculpture delivered to hospital

  Cullen Moss talks about role in hit Netflix show 'Outer Banks'

Actor Cullen Moss, who lived in Wilmington and spent time on stage here, landed a role in the popular show 'Outer Banks.'

  Paying for college during the pandemic

Because of the economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic, parents and their children may find themselves in a different financial situation.

  Bird watching grows in popularity as people connect with nature while in quarantine

Jill Peleuses from Wild Bird and Garden in Wilmington said it is a perfect time to start bird watching, as it is nesting season in Southeastern North Carolina

  Spending more time online during pandemic? Be sure to practice good eye health.

Dr. Rasika Whitesell talks about proper eye health as more of us work from home and the safety measures that will be in place the next time you get an eye exam

  Charlotte news anchor authors second book on life and motherhood

A Charlotte news anchor authored her second book about life, work and motherhood, "The Juggle is Real: The Off-Camera Life of an On-Camera Mom."

  Wilmington's Live Oak Bank approves thousands of Paycheck Protection Program loans

Wilmington-based Live Oak Bank has processed thousands of Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans

  Visit the North Carolina Zoo without leaving home

Programs online and on social media allow you to see some of the 1,800 animals at the North Carolina Zoo

  Entrepreneur shares story in hopes of inspiring others

Cory Wrisborne thought his story may give others hope that they can overcome obstacles in their lives

  Many are out of work due to the coronavirus: what you need to know if you are looking for a job

Career experts say now is the the time to work on your resume so you can be ready for your next move

  Columbus County Schools Superintendent talks online learning, potential return to the classroom next month

Dr. Deanne Meadows said 86 percent of students are able to log on from home in the rural North Carolina county

  Managing stress is especially important for those who are vulnerable to Covid-19 complications

Dr. Lucinda DeMarco, CMO of UnitedHealthcare of North Carolina, recommends spending time outdoors as a way to relieve stress during the coronavirus pandemic.

  New Netflix show ‘Outer Banks’ premieres this week

One of the show’s creators lives in Wilmington, where he wanted to film the series

  Designer creates modern-Rosie the Riveter image to honor healthcare heroes

Alex Tsatsos hopes her design will help to raise money for a cause that helps to make sure there are enough medical-grade masks for first responders

  For the first time in their lives, some find themselves turning to a food bank

Find a food bank or food pantry near you if you need help during this coronavirus outbreak

  Singer and middle school music instructor wins award for Best Modern Country Song

Singer and middle school music instructor Dustin Chapman said he learned he was awarded the Best Modern Country Song for his song titled “Plus One”

  Woman with ties to Carolina Beach appears in upcoming episode of 'Naked and Afraid'

Lisa Hagan talks about what kept her motivated during the trying times on 'Naked and Afraid'

  Advice for educators on how to prepare for the possibility school is canceled due to coronavirus

Ways educators can prepare for the possibility that schools will be canceled because of COVID-19

  'Xanadu Junior' stars young thespians Jessi Hoadley and Caleb Hector

Young thespians to star in classic movie turned stage musical, 'Xanadu Junior'

  Financial expert urges calm as Dow closes 2,000 points down

Stocks took a dive as fears of the coronavirus continued to grow and crude oil prices dropped

  NC inventor: Hush Buddy device helps toddlers get the sleep they need

The inventor, Scott Hanson, said the device harnesses toddlers’ super-active imaginations with a storybook the introduces Whisper, a bedtime friend

  Power of the Purse comes in clutch to raise money for Wilmington Health Access for Teens

Grab your girlfriends (and guy friends) for a night of purses, cocktails and fun!

  Works from female filmmakers showcased at upcoming festival

The Wilmington Female Filmmakers Collective will host its annual Cinema Sisters International Film Festival March 6 and 7