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  Murder of Biloxi teen revealed by doorbell camera

Ring Doorbell app showed an ambulance arriving at the Biloxi residence, signaling to the family that something was wrong.

  Family nearly hit by train

A family nearly avoids a train while taking photos on railroad tracks.

  NIAID Director spoke at an HHS coronavirus press conference

  Weinstein hospitalized after rape conviction

  Harvey Weinstein accuser reflects on his conviction

  NASA gives 3D view of moon from POV of Apollo 13 crew

This video recreates some of the stunning views of the moon that the Apollo 13 astronauts saw on their perilous journey around the farside in 1970.

  Sea lion found on road in southern Washington's Cowlitz County

The massive mammal was spotted miles away from any water source that would be big enough for it.

  WWII vet gets medals 70 years later

  Trump: Coronavirus 'under control' in US

  South Korea's coronavirus cases linked to religious group

  Candidates ramp up attacks on Sanders after huge win in Nevada

  After hero dog dies, California family decides to clone him

  Dow plunges more than 1,000 points on coronavirus concerns

  Mother, grandmother killed in Pa. house fire; 18-year-old burned

  Trump: U.S. working on trade agreement with India

Trump: Our teams have made tremendous progress on a trade agreement and I am optimistic we can reach a deal.

  Man accused of killing Grindr date ‘not competent’

An evaluation has found that a Michigan man accused of murdering his Grindr date is incompetent to stand trial.

  Serial killer suspect shoots self before arrest in Detroit

  Jussie Smollett pleads not guilty to new charges.

  Family rescued after vehicle got stuck in flash flooding