Brunswick County families sue, claiming home elevators failed, causing serious injuries

Waupaca knows about the problem, and lawyers believe they are giving consumers a false sense of security that the elevators are still safe to use

  Crimes of the Cape Fear: New evidence closed Melissa Mooney case

FBI Secretary Melissa Mooney was found murdered in her New Hanover County Home in 1999. Years later, authorities arrested her killer

  Oak Island residents get temporary reprieve from cost of beach renourishment

The multimillion-dollar project will be put on hold until January but taxpayers are not out of the woods yet

  Group is concerned about how beach town spends parking money

In Wrightsville Beach, the money is an important source of revenue that keeps taxes low and helps pay for resources needed to handle the huge influx of visitors

  Historical racial tensions were sparked by Rights of White People group

Records show that the FBI began looking into the group in the late 1960′s following information provided to them by confidential informants

  River Place managers in debt to City of Wilmington for parking

The agreement is for 235 parkers each month, at $100 a spot, meaning each month the city should be getting $23,500

  Chadbourn police chief under investigation

The North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation confirmed that it is investigating allegations of misconduct at the Chadbourn Police Department.

  NHC tax evaluations cause alarm for many homeowners

The 2021 NHC tax evaluations cause alarm for many homeowners

  FBI Colcor sting uncovered hotbed of corruption in Southeastern NC

FBI "Colcor" sting led to arrest of corrupt officials in Southeastern North Carolina

  Oral surgeon investigated for suspicious medicaid claims

Oral surgeon charged with sexually assaulting patients investigated for suspicious Medicaid billing claims

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  WECT investigates Lennon Lacy's death

The FBI file detailing the investigation into the death of Bladenboro teenager Lennon Lacy was recently released.

  WECT investigates the former NHC school superintendent's severance package

NHC School Board shared few details of former superintendent's severance package

  College student receives partial refund for canceled classes

Students said neighboring schools would not accept their credit hours because of differences in training and curriculum

  Answers still sought in the death of two-year-old boy

Three years after his death, the homicide investigation for 2-year-old Keith Stephens remains unsolved

  Authorities investigate possible dog fighting ring

Two dead dogs were discovered along the roadside in Columbus County, believed to be part of a dog fighting ring.

  State DOJ still investigating NHC school sex scandals

The investigation is ongoing...we are working towards a resolution, and when we have one it will be announced publicly and with transparency

  Who owns Freeman Park? - Part 3

The town claims ownership to the first 1,000 feet of property at the park which allows it to control the access point

  Who owns Freeman Park - Part 2

Who owns Freeman Park, a park that makes the Town of Carolina Beach millions of dollars each year?

  Ownership of Freeman Park in Carolina Beach is up for debate

Freeman Park is embroiled in lawsuits because it is a public park on private property

  Displaced veterans have to find somewhere to live

The North Chase Rehabilitation and Nursing Center’s contract with Veterans Affairs expired in the spring.

  NC Watchdog requested emails detailing early phase of the pandemic

In eight months, the NCDHHS timekeeping code has tracked hundreds of thousands of hours that DHHS employees have spent responding to the pandemic

  Joey Prince has yet to be convicted of a crime, charges are still pending after two years

Joey Prince has yet to be convicted of a crime, charges are still pending after two years

  Part Four: Cover-Up Culture?

  Man finds contractor he hired was operating without license

Man got an unwelcome surprise when his $52,000 renovation project was well underway

  Cover up Culture? Part 3 - Retaliation

School administrators knew about the abuse but failed to report it.

  Part Two: WECT Investigates - Cover-Up Culture?

  WECT Investigates: Cover-Up Culture? (Part 1)

  NC racial equity task force takes action

Poverty shouldn’t be criminalized

  As pandemic unemployment, eviction protections fade, community resources are available

The state’s moratorium on evictions expired almost a month ago, and sheriff’s offices have resumed serving writs of possession, the official execution of an evi

  UNCW's Mike Adams has unknown organizations listed on his resume

Questions surround UNCW Mike Adams' resume

  Justice for George Floyd

Justice for George Floyd rally planned Saturday

  Businessman files complaint against NHC Sheriff's Office and County Clerk of Court

The Sheriff grabs me by my arm and put my arm behind my back and start shoving me towards the exit area

  Muscleworx sues the state because unable to open gym

In an effort to reopen his business, the owner of a gym in New Hanover Co, has sued North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper.

  Jordan Kita was related to missing girl

While Jordan Kita is white, his little sister, who was missing, is mixed race.

  Dilapidated home investigated for illegal dumping

  911 call and missing women memorial

  Memorial for missing women