NC racial equity task force takes action

Poverty shouldn’t be criminalized

  As pandemic unemployment, eviction protections fade, community resources are available

The state’s moratorium on evictions expired almost a month ago, and sheriff’s offices have resumed serving writs of possession, the official execution of an evi

  UNCW's Mike Adams has unknown organizations listed on his resume

Questions surround UNCW Mike Adams' resume

  Justice for George Floyd

Justice for George Floyd rally planned Saturday

  Businessman files complaint against NHC Sheriff's Office and County Clerk of Court

The Sheriff grabs me by my arm and put my arm behind my back and start shoving me towards the exit area

  Muscleworx sues the state because unable to open gym

In an effort to reopen his business, the owner of a gym in New Hanover Co, has sued North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper.

  Jordan Kita was related to missing girl

While Jordan Kita is white, his little sister, who was missing, is mixed race.

  Dilapidated home investigated for illegal dumping

  911 call and missing women memorial

  Memorial for missing women

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  WECT INSIDER: Ashlea Kosikowski discuss release of body camera video

WECT's Ashlea Kosikowski and Brandon Wissbaum discuss the release of body camera video related to a police lieutenant’s child being found naked and alone.

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  Cashing in on Charity

  Reporter Ben Schachtman of talks about incidents that happened to a NHCS employee

Reporter Ben Schachtman of talks with Jon Evans about his follow-up report regarding incidents that have happened to a NHCS employee

  Commissioner: Behind-the-scenes research on NHRMC sale happened months before public informed

County Commissioner Rob Zapple said New Hanover Regional Medical Center (NHRMC) hired a consulting firm in the spring to test the waters.

  WECT Investigates: Post Storm Scams

  NC9 Election Preview

  Reporter Ben Schachtman of joins Jon Evans to talk about his investigative report

A New Hanover County Schools' employee who reported alleged racial discrimination, safety concerns, and a hostile workplace, was met with harassment and more.

  Locked Down: Understaffing plagues prisons in America

Understaffing in some of America’s prisons is causing safety concerns for guards, inmates and even the communities surrounding these facilities.

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  Chemours to fund soil sampling in several counties

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