COVID-19 Tracker May 26

Short-term rentals open with new protocols in place

  NHC Library curbside pick-up reopens

Starting Tuesday, all libraries across New Hanover County are offering curbside service for residents.

  COVID hots spots at home and abroad

  New Hanover County Board of Education discusses high school graduation

New Hanover County Schools Board of education discusses high school graduation plans

  Count on Me NC inititiative

Count on Me NC training program takes hold

  Reopen NC protests

Reopen NC protestors not satisfied with Phase 2

  COVID cases surge after Americans defy distancing

  Psychiatric problems may follow COVID-19 infection

A host of psychiatric issues may be common for patients who suffer severe coronavirus infections.

  How Georgia is coping after reopening

  The milkman returns to some areas

Most Recent Video

  Coronavirus alters airport security measures

  Memorial Day: COVID and crowds

  Don't be a PPE litterbug

Be sure to properly discard of your PPE

  Millions mark Memorial Day, some ignore guidelines

  Some churches resume in-person service

  Coronavirus impacts on Memorial Day weekend activities

  COVID: Drive-thru Eid al-Fitr celebration

  Holiday crowds largely ignore social distancing

  Senior Economic Adviser to President Trump predicts unemployment rate north of 20%

Hassett predicts unemployment rate will reach "north of 20%" for May, could be double digits in November

  WECT News at 11p, COVID 19 Tracker May 23

More information now available from tracking tests and cases

  WECT News at 11p, Brewery reactions to phase 2 amendment

  Cool way to show appreciation: Artist creates 'Heroes Work Here' ice sculpture

Cool way to show appreciation: ‘Heroes Work Here’ ice sculpture delivered to hospital

  Updated Carolina Beach restaurants open for phase 2

Patrons flock to reopened restaurants in Carolina Beach

  Updated Downtown Restaurants open for Phase 2

Patrons flock to reopened restaurants

  Carolina Beach restaurants open

People lined up for the 5 p.m. opening of restaurants

  Downtown Wilmington restaurants open

Restaurants opened at 5 p.m. at the start of phase 2

  Trump: Houses of worship are essential

  Memorial Day, Harry Potter and Gibson guitars on your livestreaming weekend

The National Memorial Day Concert, Gibson Guitar's new show, and a Harry Potter-themed play get a virtual premiere.

  Coronavirus concerns for Memorial Day weekend