Book Raises Questions About a So-Called Suicide in Brunswick County

Davina Buff Jones
Davina Buff Jones

BRUNSWICK COUNTY -- Nine years ago, a gunshot wound to the back of the head killed Police Officer Davina Buff Jones.

But who pulled the trigger has been the disagreement between the Buff family and local authorities.

Loy Buff hopes the book Out With Three will help in his fight to prove that his daughter, Davina Buff Jones, a Bald Head Island Police Officer, did not kill herself.

Jones died of a single gunshot wound to the back of her head in October 1999.

The death was ruled suicide by Brunswick County District Attorney Rex Gore.

However, at four separate hearings over financial benefits, Jones' death was ruled a homicide.

The book is being sold online and in several shops around Brunswick County.

The author uses the pseudonym Elaine Buff, and details how investigators moved quickly to clear the crime scene, disturbing evidence and ignoring signs that pointed to something besides suicide.

The book even said the preliminary autopsy report showing the gunshot wound was sketched upside down.

Besides District Attorney Gore, one of the other key players in the book is former Sheriff Ron Hewett.

When asked over the phone about what happened on Bald Head Island nearly nine years ago, Gore said he stands by the investigation and its findings.

But when talking about the book, he said he hopes it gives the Buff family some closure.

"I'm not after closure. I'm after clearing my daughter's name," said Buff.

Buff said money raised from book sales will go towards finding justice for his daughter and others like her.

Reported by Joe Keiley