Wright and the May Primary

WILMINGTON -- Wright may be eligible to run in the May Primary, but is he electable?

Even some of Wright's closet supporters said he needs to give politics a break.

Linda Pearce helped Thomas Wright campaign for Wilmington City Council 16 years ago.

Over the years, she has become one of his closest supporters.  She stayed true when fraud allegations first surfaced against the former State Representative.

But now, Pearce sees things differently.  She believes Wright should focus his time and attention on his family instead of a campaign.

She thinks that if he runs, it would be like adding salt to an open wound for the voters in District 18.

Pearce hasn't spoken with Wright since the trial began, but she believes this whole ordeal began because he felt like he needed to keep up with his wealthy colleagues in the Raleigh Capitol.

"He didn't have a good job that he could count on, that he could leave and it would still go on like some lawyers who are in groups. So we were all aware of that and aware of the pressures on ones integrity that evidently is evident in Raleigh, he evidently folded under that pressure and it's a sad, sad story," said Pearce.

Wright will be fighting to regain his seat against temporary Representative Sandra Spaulding Hughes and Democrat Hollis Briggs.

Republican Thom Goolsby is also running so long as Wright is on the ticket.

Reported by Kim Gebbia