Holden Beach Residents React to Hewett's Suspension

BRUNSWICK COUNTY -- Some of the most compelling evidence entered into the District Attorney's case are cd's of recorded conversations with Hewett.

In them, he's heard using racial slurs and talking about fighting members of his department.

You can listen to some of these clips by clicking on the bullets to the right.

The news of Hewett's suspension has caused quite a stir in Brunswick County.  Some residents are shocked by the events, while others are not.

In Holden Beach, the news sent shock waves through the community.  Hewett began his law enforcement career at the Holden Beach Police Department 25 years ago.

Friend and Holden Beach Chief of Police, Wally Layne, said he was shocked by the news.

And, more than just fellow members of law enforcement are disappointed by the allegations.

Even people who have vacationed in Holden Beach for years are shocked.

While many were blind-sided, some residents said they weren't very surprised.

Jewel Britt said he has always heard stories about Hewett and now he thinks they are true.

Chief Layne said there was never a question with Sheriff Hewett when Holden Beach needed help.

"Anytime we called, he always sent more than enough response, and we had a great working relationship," said Chief Layne.

Chief Layne hopes there is a quick resolution to the situation that could end a career that started with high hopes in Holden Beach.

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Reportedly by Bernadette Jay