Traveler's Check Scam

WILMINGTON -- A Wilmington woman almost became the victim of a popular scam that is being seen all around the country.

Last week, Autumn Christianson recieved a UPS envelope filled with 12 traveler's checks worth $500 each.

The return address was a town in Wisconsin.

When Christianson brought the checks to the bank to see if they were real, she was told they were "funny money."

She did not recieve a note or e-mail from the sender, but she said she has heard reports that when the senders finally get in contact they ask for money since they have just sent money.

"I just took them to my bank to make sure they were not real. I wanted to make sure, see if they were real, illegal, stolen, whatever. She said they were just copies, so I have not done anything with them," said Autumn Christianson, targe of the scam.

Reported by Max Winitz