First Act: The Rocky Horror Show


-- Surreal doesn't begin to describe City Stage's production of "The Rocky Horror Show." The cult classic is full of the typical risque costumes and song lyrics, and of course, the sexual inuendo, but even the biggest fans must admit there's something more to a live production.

"It's certainly something that's fun, wacky, raunchy, but it speaks to who we are," says director Don Baker.

The show is about a straight-laced couple who find themselves trapped at a transvestite convention.

"The Rocky Horror Show" is a cult classic unlike any other. Many fans like to dress as the characters in the show.

"This costume, I wasn't expecting to be so short. It's a French maid obviously, and well, they just wanted to make it pretty raunchy," says actress Morgana Bridgers.

"There's not really much to it, so I'm not really liking that part, but it's fun and it's kind of quirky," adds actress Kendra Goehring.

The actors in the show, both men and women, have to deal with short skirts, high heels, and bustiers, but add to that an unusual element. True "Rocky Horror" fans know it's no holds barred when it comes to shouting at the actors.

"You don't know exactly how they're gonna react and what they're gonna say and stuff like that," says Goehring.

The cast says they're ready for anything.

"We've been practicing with screaming at each other so that we can get used to it right from the beginning," says actor Anthony Lawson.

From the beginning to the end, this is a show that on either side of the curtain is anything but routine.

There's one last weekend to catch "The Rocky Horror Show" at City Stage at Level Five in downtown Wilmington. Shows run Friday, Nov.10 through Sunday, Nov. 12 at 8:00pm. For ticket information call 342-0272.

Reported by Heather Setzler