Fort Bragg Murder Mystery Back in Spotlight


-- Retired Master Sergeant Timothy Hennis was convicted of a triple murder in Fayetteville in 1986. Sentenced to death row, he earned a retrial and was set free. But now he's being called back to active duty at Fort Bragg, because prosecutors say there's new DNA evidence in the case of the deaths of a mother and her two children.

Scott Whisnant covered the Hennis's 1989 retrial in Wilmington for the Star News. Whisnant wrote the book "Innocent Victims" detailing the case. He says in writing the book he hoped to present the facts that were available to him at the time, but the full truth of the two-decade old crime is still to be discovered.

Since Hennis has been aquitted the state can't pursue him because of double jeopardy, but that doesn't stop the Army from activating Hennis and beginning a court martial. Hennis is scheduled to report back to Fort Bragg by October 30.

Reported by Joe Keiley