Hayley Lovitt back on season two of 'The Gifted'

Hayley Lovitt back on season two of 'The Gifted'

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - When Fox Television Network launches the second season of The Gifted Tuesday night, September 25, UNC Wilmington grad Hayley Lovitt will reprise her recurring role as the mutant Sage. The Gifted: Dawn of the Mutant Age begins six months after season one ended, when the Mutant Underground and Hellfire Club split in the highly publicized finale.

"It's really cool to come back for another season," Lovitt said Tuesday. "As heightened as the show ended, it gets even bigger with the fighting between the two groups."

In season two, Lovitt's character is part of a new group called the Inner Circle, which has grown from the Hellfire Club and is no longer satisfied with living in the shadows. A new character is introduced as the leader of the Inner Circle, a powerful mutant named Reeva Payge, played by Grace Byers. Lovitt's character is seen in many video clips alongside Byers' character.

"She is so amazing as a person," Lovitt said of Byers. "She wrote a children's book called I Am Enough, and it's a really cute book. She's a great actress and she's been really fun to work with this season."

"I think Sage is a bit conflicted," Lovitt says about her character in season two. "She went with this group because she saw it as the next best thing she could do, because what she was working with in the Mutant Underground wasn't working out. She wants to compute the odds and probability of things working each way."

Lovitt, a 2009 graduate of UNC Wilmington, did several years of behind-the-scenes work in the industry before landing the role of Sage. She worked as a production assistant, in costume and set departments, and even coordinated commercial shoots. Lovitt was on One Tree Hill during its last year shooting in Wilmington and appeared on Sleepy Hollow after it left shooting in southeastern North Carolina. Lovitt played Janet Van Dyne (The Wasp) in the 2015 Marvel film Ant Man, and again in the 2018 sequel Ant Man and the Wasp.

Lovitt says her next film will be The Milbrook Summoning, a horror film due for release in 2019. She says The Gifted is about halfway through shooting the second season, and she is busy with other on-camera projects.

"I haven't been working film crew very much lately," she said. "I've been doing The Gifted, and I've got a couple films I'm doing this fall, which I can't talk much about yet. I've been blessed to be able to just work in front of the camera pretty steadily."

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