White Lake May Soon Sell Beer

SEPTEMBER 27, 2005 -- White Lake is a dry town, which means that it is illegal to sell beer. However, White Lake voters will soon decide whether the coolers at grocery stores will be stocked with ice cold beer.

Bobby Blake manages Wam Squam, a convenience store on Highway 701. He has to tell customers he doesn't sell beer and, especially on weekends, visitors to the historic resort town are disappointed. Right now Baker has to send his customers to Elizabethtown.  He says he's not only losing out on beer sales, but also food sales.

The issue is also brewing debate among the town council. Some fear it could bring more crime.

"We have a very small police force, only about five officers. There are many concerns," says Jeff Corbett.

Others see new business opportunities if the vote passes.

"There might be some more restaurants. It's just another service merchants can provide to citizens," says Tim Blount.

The nearly 200 citizens in the town seem to be split on the decision.

"I'd vote for it. It's better than driving to Elizabethtown when you want to have a party. It would just be easier," says A.J. Steffen.

"I'd vote no. I wish they wouldn't sell any alcohol products in our area. There's so much tragedy and wrecks. We just don't need it around," says Carey Harrell.

Voters will soon decide if they will sell cold beer, or keep telling customers to hit the road to Elizabethtown.

Reported by Maggie Alexander