Endometrial cancer cases on the rise in the Wilmington area

Plaid Pack: Endometrial cancer cases on the rise in the Wilmington area

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Endometrial cancer, also called uterine cancer, is the most common cancer of all gynecologic cancers. It's also the most treatable.

"It's a cancer that fortunately is cured most of the time," said Dr. Walter Gajewski, explaining it has early warning signs such as abnormal bleeding and discharge.

Gajewski, a gynecologic oncologist at the Zimmer Cancer Center, says while endometrial cancer has a high cure rate, unfortunately, the number of cases is on the rise.

"Those cancers account for approximately 50,000 cases a year in this country and in the Wilmington area and the cancer center here, our rates have doubled in the last ten years," Gajewski said.

The five most common types of gynecologic cancer are endometrial (uterine), cervical, ovarian, vaginal, and vulvar. Ovarian cancer, by far, is the most difficult to diagnose and treat. It remains the deadliest of all gynecologic cancers.

Gajewski says there is no clear cause for the spike in uterine cancer but says the good news is it is easy to diagnose.

"It's an easy cancer to diagnose because the biopsies we use to diagnose those cancers are fairly straight forward and can most of the time be done in the office," Gajewski said.

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