Consider This: Freedom of the press

Consider This: Freedom of the press

Controversy and hostility are nothing new in our business of media.

By design, the media is often in an adversarial relationship with newsmakers. Our reporters often have to ask questions that may be uncomfortable for those in power to answer. But we're seeking the truth. And in that process, there are uneasy moments.

We take our jobs seriously and we do our best to make sure we are fair in our approach each and every day.  We live in this community.  We want to see it succeed. I believe that most public officials go to work each day to make their community a better place, and as media, we go to work each day to ask the questions and find out what our public officials are doing for us as voters and taxpayers.

A lot is being said of how our President is characterizing the media as a whole these days. But I'd like to close this out with another presidential quote that should be given consideration.

"Our liberty depends on the freedom of the press, and that cannot be limited without being lost."

That was President Thomas Jefferson.

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Emailed comments from viewers:

I would be hard pressed to argue that the merits of your article on freedom of the press are not correct.  However, what the issue is with the press in recent years in regards to our president is NOT that the press asks him hard questions.  It is the fact that the media has held the premise that they dislike the president PRIOR to reporting the news.  The press has long treated him like a foreign enemy and often reports distorted facts or tends to obviously favor the opposing side of the president.  The press fire the first shots long ago and is now reeling now that the president is firing back.

The press should be fair and unbiased.  I have not seen that at all in recent years.  Why did the press not hold Hillary Clinton's feet to the fire over the e-mails on her personal computer or over the Benghazi debacle?  Why was she not held to the same standard that the press is now trying to use on President Trump?  How come the media did not press Barack Obama on the illegal payment to Iran for the single hostage?

I could go on, but for the sake of argument, the press has been wildly irresponsible in the past couple of years and as my mother always told me: "action have consequences."  The media had fun when they were on the offensive, but now the media is crying foul when they are on the defensive.  It is a humorous turn of events, to say the least.  Your credibility is faltering and it needs someone to step up and stop it!!!!


Your segment on freedom of the press is totally off base. No one questions the right of freedom of the press. But to distort and slant the news in a left wing liberal support is just wrong for the press to do. Wect TV new does it every day. Not in only showing NBC news feeds but just by the way the news is presented. Wect news and main stream media never show news in a positive way for President Trump or the right. Do you talk about how good the economy is doing. NO. Do you talk about anything good the president is doing. NO. It is all about Trump hating. You wonder what is cause the country to be separated. It is YOU, the news in not reporting accurate news without any bias toward and political party. So dont talk about freedom of press and hide behind it. Thats just showing your true colors. As always the left wing claims freedom of press/speech. But only for them.

That is my say.