Consider This: Look out for your neighbors

Consider This: Look out for your neighbors

We'd all like to think that, if tested, we would respond without fail to help someone in a tough situation.

But no one truly knows how they'll react to circumstances around them until it happens.

Last week, Chris Barnhill was put to the test. He passed by a car that fishtailed off I-140, flipping and landing upside down in a flooded ditch. He stopped, backed up and jumped into the water to help rescue that driver, Wayne Oliver, from the rising water in his car.

Mr. Oliver told us he has no doubt that Mr. Barnhill saved his life.

As most heroes do, Mr. Barnhill shrugs off the talk about using that label with him.  But he sets an example for the rest of us to live by daily.

Consider This: You don't have to save someone's life, but looking out for your neighbor can be a simple act of making our community a nicer place to live.

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