Owner Willing to Pay for Safe Return of Dog

SEPTEMBER 20, 2005 -- Rosaleane Salter's vacation was cut short this week when she got a disturbing phone call Saturday. She was boarding her Chihuahua, Patches, at the Companion Animal Hospital in Brunswick County. Patches, she was told, had run away.

Patches was last seen in a wooded area near Airport Road in Brunswick County. Now Salter and her husband, Joe, have hit the streets looking for the lost dog, and they want answers.

Salter says, "I said how could something like this happen?" I said i've never heard tell of it in my life. Of an animal getting out of a hospital when you trust them-you board them there."

Dr. Bob Conness says he knows his customers expect the hospital to keep their animals safe, and what happened to Patches was an accident. "We understand her pain, her loss and it was an accident. We didn't just turn it loose, and we're trying to do everything we can to bring her back" Conness says.

Salter has set up a trap near Airport Road. With the help of the animal hospital, hoping food and the scent of her clothes will lure Patches back home.

"I've cried 'til my eyes are swelled and i just want to find her. You know, anybody let me know and I would be willing to pay out of my pocket," says Salter.

Until she's found, the search for Patches will continue.

Reported by Nicole Ferguson