Chemours offers filters to owners of tainted water wells

Chemours offers filters to owners of tainted water wells

RALEIGH, NC (AP/WECT) - A chemical company under fire for allowing little-studied industrial compounds into drinking water supplies says it's going to start offering water filters to neighbors whose wells were tainted.

The Chemours Company said Tuesday it will install and maintain granular activated carbon filtration systems at homes with levels of the chemical GenX above the state's health goal.

The company said it's making the move even though North Carolina's environmental agency is still testing whether the filters are effective. State Department of Environmental Quality spokeswoman Bridget Munger said Chemours is acting without consulting the agency.

"The Department of Environmental Quality was not consulted by Chemours prior to the distribution of the certified letter to residents, nor has DEQ staff seen the certified letter that was mailed to homeowners,"  DEQ Division of Waste Management Director Michael E. Scott wrote in an email addressed to Bladen and Cumberland County residents. "The department did not approve or direct Chemours to offer granular activated carbon filtration systems to residents beyond those in the pilot filter study. Our position is that deciding on potential solutions right now is premature without completing the pilot filter study."

Chemours says it wanted to extend the offer to residents while DEQ completes its review of the testing results because it's confident the filters are removing all the unwanted compounds.

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