Painted ceiling tiles brighten patients' days

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - The view from a hospital bed isn't always the brightest, but Girl Scouts in the area changed that for kids at New Hanover Regional Medical Center.

The hospital painted sea creatures on a few ceiling tiles and installed them, and one girl visiting her sister in the hospital was inspired.

Her troop painted more tiles, and other troops heard and wanted to help too. The project took off.

Nurses said the tiles have brought smiles to patients' faces.

"If they're not feeling so well, and walking hunched over, and just not feeling great, it's something positive to look at so the parents will encourage them to look up," said Michele Erich, music therapist and child life specialist at the hospital. "We'll encourage them to look up and to see the tiles and especially the children who are on a stretcher and who are being wheeled down the hallway, they're lying on their back looking up. That's a really obvious thing so very often they'll say, 'Look at that one' or 'There's an octopus' or whatever it is.

"They're so excited about it and that's really nice to see,"

Painted tiles now cover the ceiling in the hallways and rooms.

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