Participants get knocked over by water in Sunset Beach's annual sit-a-thon

Participants get knocked over by water in Sunset Beach's annual sit-a-thon
Sit-a-thon 2018.

SUNSET BEACH, NC (WECT) - There are walk-a-thons and dance-a-thons. But here's a different one. A sit-a-thon.

Sunset Beach held their annual sit-a-thon Friday morning to benefit the beach's turtle patrol.

Participants began sitting in their chairs at the edge of the water at 10:30 a.m. and waited for the tide to come in.

As the water crept closer to the participants, it knocked them out one by one.

The last person sitting was declared the winner.

This year's winner was Bob Touhy from Charleston, SC.

Touhy and his wife came to Sunset Beach on vacation this week. He said he almost forgot about the sit-a-thon, but then his wife reminded him. And it's a good thing she did.

"It was really fun and the water was perfect in terms of temperature," Touhy said. "This was not a very rough day. The winds were kind of light, so we were able to hang in there for quite a while. But toward the end, getting a lot of water in my face and my mouth even when I tried not to."

The sit-a-thon has been going on since 1993.

It was started by a member of the Sunset Beach Turtle Patrol, Ed Deyarmin and one of his friends.

"We were just sitting on the beach one Friday before going home and we said, 'We're not leaving until it takes us out,'" Deyarmin said.

Deyarmin added that this is biggest fundraiser for the Sunset Beach Turtle Patrol all year.

114 people participated in the sit a thon today. It was the biggest group they have ever had.

As of this morning they had already raised $2,700, which is the most they have ever raised.

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