Guest Consider This: Learn statesmanship

Guest Consider This: Learn statesmanship

By: Hank Montgomery

Did you see the video of that U.S. House member suggesting that you and I harass and intimidate her political opposition?  I'm a very concerned Independent voter who here speaks for anyone's right to express opinions, and for everyone's right to peacefully, peacefully assemble into groups.

But, some national politicians are just one step away from "fightin' words!"

To coin a phrase no one has any right to "yell FIRE in a crowded theater." People will panic! People will get hurt!

We here in the United States have no right to threaten, harass, intimidate, or harm one another.

To coin another phrase, "your right to punch me in the nose ends where my nose begins."

No mere difference of opinion excuses any hint of vigilante justice; two very ugly words!

How do I define vigilante justice?  Individuals or groups think they "see a crime" and carries out their idea of punishment!  Vigilante Justice is a direct assault on law and order.  Such thuggery has no place in our national discourse.

To all new and long-time politicians:  learn statesmanship ... now!