NAACP hosting Wilmington rally as part of nationwide Families Belong Together movement

NAACP hosting Wilmington rally as part of nationwide Families Belong Together movement

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Rallies will be held nationwide Saturday protesting U.S. government policy that separated children from their parents who enter the country illegally at the U.S.-Mexico border.

The NAACP of New Hanover County is planning one of these rallies in Wilmington and Veronica Carter with the NAACP stopped by the WECT studio to discuss the local Families Belong Together event.

"There are actually something like 600 of these days of action going on, including one going on in (Washington) DC," Carter said. "Some folks in Wilmington decided that we needed to let folks know that we were equally concerned, particularly our elected officials and that we want something done to reunite these families."

Carter said some of the Wilmington participants are getting involved in this type of protest for the first time. She said the NAACP wanted to make sure the event was diverse and representative of people of all colors.

President Trump signed an executive order last Wednesday reversing his administration's policy of separating children from their parents at the border.

Carter said that hasn't done much to help the families already affected.

"The executive order, so far, has not reunited many families," Carter said. "All it has done is said we're gonna stop separating them.

"Meanwhile, we have something like 2,000 children all over the United States who, there doesn't seem to be a plan to reunite them with their parents. In a couple of cases, their parents have already been deported back to South and Central America. ... My greatest fear is that some of these kids are never gonna be reunited with their families."

Saturday's rally is scheduled for noon at Innes Park between Third and Fourth streets.

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