'It's become the backyard of our nightmares.' Problems abound in Gable Run neighborhood

'It's become the backyard of our nightmares': Problems abound in Gable Run neighborhood

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - From the outside looking in, Gable Run subdivision was a dream neighborhood for Tim Hansen and his family.

"We bought a brand new house. We were expecting a brand new house with zero problems whatsoever," Hansen said.

They even paid a premium for a larger backyard for their 2- and 6-year-old daughters.

"The whole reason why we picked this lot is because we have two young children so they could come out here and play," he said.

A day after the Hansens moved in, it rained and their yard flooded.

It's been an issue ever since.

"We thought this backyard was going to be the backyard of our dreams, and it's become the backyard of our nightmares," Hansen said.

They say anytime it rains, the water pools and just sits there. Hansen says it takes nearly a week of sunny days to dry it out.

There are no creeks or areas of water near the neighborhood. Residents said they think it floods due to lack of drainage, something they say builder H&H homes is responsible for.

Hansen is not the only one who has issues. The same thing happens in his neighbor John Hobson's yard.

"I'd be embarrassed to put out work like that," Hobson said.

A group of neighbors has banded together to get the problem fixed. They say months ago, H&H came out and dug holes behind their fences in order to relieve some of the flooding.

"Which did nothing," Hobson said. "Then they said someone was going to come to clean up back here and nobody's been around"

"Now it's just a big hole full of water that's breeding mosquitoes," Hansen added.

They say the builder contacted neighbors more than a month ago saying they would be fixing the problem, and followed up three weeks ago, promising weekly status emails.

"We have received no weekly updates since then and obviously they have done nothing to come out here and fix the problem whatsoever," Hansen said.

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