Cina forgives SBI agent accused of nabbing his campaign signs

Cina forgives SBI agent accused of nabbing his campaign signs

PENDER COUNTY, NC (WECT) - A former candidate for Pender County sheriff is ready to bury the hatchet with a State Bureau of Investigation agent accused of stealing his campaign signs leading up to the election.

"We hold no grudges," Joe Cina said. "We've moved on and we forgive everybody and realize things happen. The man that did this, my wife and I pray for him."

Jay Scott Floyd faces misdemeanor larceny and intentionally littering charges stemming from an incident on April 27. Cina said he was leaving an opioid discussion when he claims he saw a man tearing down his banner by the Lowe's Foods in Hampstead off Highway 17.

"It's very disheartening and sad that these things take place because it's a big step for any candidate, any position to step out and try to run for a position," Cina said. "It's very hard on them and it's very hard on their family. When things like this happen, it's disheartening and sad because you are trying to do something good for your community."

Cina estimates more than 200 signs and three banners disappeared leading up to election night, costing his campaign over $1,000 to replace everything.

"Ultimately, (the money) comes from the citizens of our community who made donations to make those purchases and push for a candidate," Cina said.

On Friday afternoon, the SBI said Floyd is still employed with the agency.

WECT stopped by Floyd's house for a statement. No one was home and we left a note asking him to give us a call. We are waiting for a response.

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