Housing growth helps attract business

Housing growth helps attract business

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - The housing boom in and around Wilmington doesn't just mean more places to live, but it is literally bringing business back to the Cape Fear.

Cameron Moore, President of the Wilmington-Cape Fear Home Builders Association, said there was about a 10 percent jump in the number of housing permits over the past year.

Moore said that growth means more jobs in all aspects of construction, including manufacturing.

"Think about wall board," he said. "All the housing that is constructed in Wilmington, and the region here, Brunswick County, Pender County, and New Hanover County and the beyond has to have wall board. You have to have dry wall. It is just a necessary source and is a commodity we have to have it for the construction process."

National Gypsum helps create that drywall and announced on Tuesday they would return to Wilmington.

Moore hopes the growth in the economy and the return of National Gypsum means a brighter future for people living in Wilmington.

"We are back to a stabilized economy," he said. "The numbers are good. The permits are good. For the folks and the consumers and the people that live here, that means we have a tax base that is strong. We are not looking at higher taxes. We are not looking at counties and elected officials having to come in and put the burden back on the consumer."

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