Make your voice heard during primary elections

Make your voice heard during primary elections
Candidates in most 2018 elections have until Noon on Wednesday to file.

SOUTHEASTERN NORTH CAROLINA (WECT) - The League of Women's Voters of the Lower Cape Fear is working hard this week to get as many people to the polls during this year's primary elections.

According to the group, less than 16 percent of all registered voters in North Carolina cast a ballot in the primaries during 2014, compared to nearly 69 percent turnout statewide for the 2016 presidential election.

Carol Roberts, president of the group, said she hopes more people will realize that primary elections are just as important despite the low turnout.

"It increases the value of your vote," said Roberts. "Of course we hope that the voter participation rate would go up. I mean that is true democracy. You have a choice in which candidate represents your party in the general election."

Roberts said the League now has a website,, where voters can get all the information they for their races in a nonpartisan way.

Voters can put in their information and get sample ballots that contain where each candidate stands on an issue.

"That is the beauty of going to forums where you hear people from various parties," said Roberts. "This website is great because the candidate have submitted their own information and every candidate is represented."

For a list of early voting locations and times click on the links below:

Columbus County

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