Consider this: Giving second chances

Consider this: Giving second chances

More than a million and a half people have a criminal background in North Carolina. There are some people who are career criminals, but many others have made a mistake, paid the price and deserve a second chance.

More and more employers are coming to this understanding. But it is a process.

There is a movement to "ban the box" in many places – meaning employers won't require applicants to disclose any criminal history when applying for jobs.

We have seen in recent weeks some apprehension with this type of approach.  A volunteer at the Battleship lost his position after speaking with us about getting a second chance in this community.

It's important to point out that fair chance policies can benefit more than just the people with records.  It helps families and the overall economy as well.

Consider This: As many as 75 percent of those trying to re-enter society after incarceration look for work for as long as a year.  If a viable option isn't employment, where do those folks turn?

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