As tax season ends and beach season nears, tattoo shops see spike in business

As tax season ends and beach season nears, tattoo shops see spike in business
Hardwire Tattoo in downtown Wilmington sees business pick up as tax returns roll in.

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Hardwire Tattoo is buzzing in more ways than one.

Aside from the noise of tattoo guns, it's Hardwire's busiest time of year.

Manager Kamran Goudarzi says the majority of the shop's business is from February to June.

"We probably do, on average, between nine to 12 (tattoos) a day versus the slow season where we might do nine or 12 in a week," Goudarzi said.

The main reason for spring uptick in business is because people are cashing in their tax returns to pay for new ink.

"There are plenty of people that do specifically that," Goudarzi said.

With disposable income in their pockets, Goudarzi says many are much more likely to splurge on themselves now rather than during the holidays, which is Hardwire's slowest time of year.

"Obviously everybody's trying to catch up on bills and things like that, but it's really the first opportunity a lot of people have to actually spend money on themselves without having to feel bad they didn't get the latest Tickle Me Elmo," he said.

Taxes are not the only driving force though.

"It's a combination of taxes coming back, which enables them to do it, but also just the idea that summer is just around the corner and they'll have reason to show off," he said.

Goudarzi says a break from competing with personal finances opens up room for a new type of competition.

"As soon as people start seeing more skin, and as soon as people start seeing all these tattoos out there, that kind of gets their mind going, OK, what am I going to do to, I don't want to say compete with everybody else, but it's kind of competing," Goudarzi said.

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