Wilmington native behind new GenX documentary

Updated: Mar. 27, 2018 at 4:32 PM EDT
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WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - A Wilmington native is going behind the lens, working to spread awareness about  the chemical compound GenX.

DuPont and its spinoff company, Chemours, have been dumping GenX into the Cape Fear River from a plant in Bladen County since 1980.

"After I saw GenX grip headlines, I started to do some independent research just out of curiosity, and what started popping up about this chemical was staggering to me," said Filmmaker Elijah Yetter-Bowman.

23-year-old Yetter-Bowman grew up in the Wilmington area and says hearing of what was in his families drinking water caused him to want to take immediate action.

"I feel like I am not alone," Yetter-Bowman stated. "Wilmington is a big place, but what is frightening is that this chemical is beyond just Wilmington and we are now just hearing of it."

Yetter-Bowman is currently a Pre-Med and Chemistry major at UNC Chapel Hill. He says its his love for both science and the arts that sparked his interest in making a documentary on the subject of GenX.

"I have spent about seven months on this new project all while going to school,  and over 400 hours of straight research before I was really like it has to be a film this has to be real," he stated.

"I spent hours of my free time looking up everything I could about the history and hazards," Bowman -Yetter said. "And I reached a breaking point where I could no longer remain complacent."

He quickly assembled a team of talented researchers, started his own production company, and began interviewing experts across the east coast. The group Clean Cape Fear is also involved in the documentary.

Presenting interviews with North Carolina's leading experts, GenX: a Chemical Cocktail explores GenX--and related chemical compounds--and the stark impact they continue to have on residents of North Carolina. Scheduled for release in early 2019, the film's first promotional trailer is now available on the films website at www,

The film will also cover the regulations and evolving litigation involving GenX and similar chemical compounds. "The sheer volume of chemical contamination that goes unchecked is staggering," Bowman -Yetter said. "And I want to show North Carolinian's what we can do about this issue."

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