NC bird rescue saves 10 donkeys from slaughterhouse

Updated: Feb. 26, 2018 at 2:56 PM EST
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CASTLE HAYNE, NC (WECT) - Skywatch Bird Rescue, recently saved 10 donkeys from being slaughtered.

According to the rescue, donkeys are the best protection for birds against foxes, coyotes and raccoons.

Amelia Mason, the director and founder of Skywatch, says the donkeys will charge at the coyotes and other predators if they come onto the property and try to harm or eat the birds.

Mason said they had been looking into getting donkeys for this very reason for some time now, however they didn't have a way to transport them and no one was willing to deliver.

A couple weeks ago she received a call from another animal in rescue in Asheboro who said they had heard about a group of donkeys in that area who were bound for the slaughterhouse shortly.

The person who had the donkeys in Asheboro said he would sell them to Skywatch for $275 but they needed to provide their own transportation.

Skywatch took to their Facebook page to ask for donations for the donkey and the transportation.

They ended up raising more than enough money for the one donkey that they were able to save five of the donkeys and bring them to Skywatch.

Still, there were five more donkeys left in Asheboro that were bound for the slaughterhouse.

The Skywatch organization took to Facebook again to raise funds to save the rest of the donkeys.

Miraculously, they did and they currently have all ten donkeys in their possession.

Because the donkeys were treated so poorly in Asheboro, they all have major health issues. The Skywatch organization said the conditions in Asheboro "were unbelievably horrid, they were up to their shins in mud."

When the donkeys arrived at Skywatch, it was obvious most of them were completely malnourished, and their hooves looked like they had never been trimmed before. It also appeared that one of the donkeys had just recently had a baby that was ripped from her right away and left her udder still swollen.

The rescue is still asking for donations to nurse the donkeys back to health and to build more fences and shelters for them.

If you are interested in donating to the organization to help the donkeys, visit their website or Facebook page.

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