'DINOSAURS!' arrive for the summer at the Fort Fisher Aquarium Garden

'DINOSAURS!' arrive for the summer at the Fort Fisher Aquarium Garden

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - 15 animatronics of six different dinosaurs species, including a 40-foot T-Rex, were lifted into the Fort Fisher Aquarium's outdoor garden Monday morning.

This year's temporary exhibit,"DINOSAURS!," features an animatronic dinosaur family, including hatchlings and a juvenile T-Rex.

Robby Gilbert, the director of exhibits with Billings Productions, the company the develops the animatronics, says the area couldn't be better for dinosaurs.

"The setting is gorgeous. You're going to see this walking trail with all these ferns and palmettos, so it's very prehistoric and it allows us to tell a great message," Gilbert said.

Robin Nalepa, Public Relations Director at North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher, says this will be a great learning opportunity.

"We want people to come here have a great time, to be entertained, but also to learn about the animals and nature that we have surrounding us on the Earth and what we can do to help them," Nalepa said.

The exhibit officially opens March 16 and will run throughout the summer. It is free with an Aquarium admission ticket.

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