Here’s why we may not be covering a threat in your child’s school

Here’s why we may not be covering a threat in your child’s school

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Let's talk about these school threats that seem to have reached many neighborhoods in southeastern North Carolina.

Our local school districts have been investigating several rumored threats since last week's shooting in Florida.

In some cases, students are getting charged for making them.  It's important to stress, to date, law enforcement says there have been no credible threats.

We realize the threats are disturbing.  We know they waste school administrators' time.  They waste law enforcement's time and they upset parents.

We know you want assurances your children are going to be safe.

We have chosen not to report on each and every threat, unless someone is charged.

Keep in mind, the information we can pass along is often limited by the law.  In most of those cases, the suspects are protected as juveniles.  But you will hear from us how law enforcement is taking action with charges.

We take this responsibility of informing you of legitimate threats seriously.   We are journalists, but many of us are parents too.  We know your concerns, and many of us share them with you.

As journalists, our goal is to minimize harm. While we won't know all the reasons for some of the baseless threats, we're sure some of it is to seek attention. So, we want to avoid giving that attention unless absolutely necessary.

We're talking with our children about their responsibilities and the consequences of their actions.  We encourage all parents to do the same.

When we learn of a credible threat, we will pass that information along in the name of concern and safety, but we won't give publicity, in terms of news coverage, to those whose sole purpose is only to create chaos in our community.

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