My turn: Teaching drivers how to handle traffic stops

My turn: Teaching drivers how to handle traffic stops

January introduces a new year and that almost always brings with it the start of some new laws.  And while I have historically used this forum as a place to point out some of our more off the wall legislators or ideas, today I'm going to give the General Assembly a thumbs up.

One of the latest laws to go on the books in North Carolina involves educating drivers on how to handle traffic stops.  From now on, driver education will include instruction on what to do if you get pulled over and what to expect from law enforcement officers.

I'm sure glad they did this.  Unfortunately, we have seen some interactions that have gone terribly wrong.  This won't completely eliminate them.  But a better understanding of how things are supposed to playout can certainly help.

The new law targets drivers who are just learning the rules of the road.  That type of early interaction will benefit us in the years to come.  But it might not be a bad idea to require the same thing during license renewals for some of us more mature drivers.

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