My turn: Thinking outside of the box with a barbershop health clinic

My turn: Thinking outside of the box with a barbershop health clinic
Doctors, nurses, and pharmacists have cared for more than 100 patients over four Saturday clinics since the program’s launch in November. (SOURCE: WECT)

If you've ever worked with a business consultant, you've probably heard the term "thinking outside of the box."

It's been around for a while, so it's pretty much a cliché.  But sometimes we see great examples of people solving age-old problems in new ways.  And our news team highlighted a perfect case of that this week.

New Hanover Regional Medical Center quietly started a barbershop health clinic last month. And it literally takes place inside a barbershop.

When you think about it, it makes sense. One of the folks there said the barbershop is more relaxed and friendly than what can be a clinical and frightening experience for some people inside a hospital or health clinic.

Folks who go to Just Cut It are able to get vaccinations, some screenings and even health-related advice from medical professionals. They're reaching people who may not take advantage of these opportunities unless it sought them out.

What a great idea! The plan is to expand the program.  Organizers are not only thinking outside the box, they're thinking out of the hospital walls as well to make a big difference in our community.

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