My turn: Bullying seems to be worse than ever

My turn: Bullying seems to be worse than ever

It must be difficult to be a child nowadays. Bullying seems to be worse than ever thanks to the numerous ways we can communicate.

Adults get a taste of this thanks to social media. People feel free to be as mean as they want as long as they can hide behind the comfort of their keyboard or smartphone. But most adults can brush off bullying a little easier than the younger folks.

We've been able to witness a heartbreaking example of this just this week. A mother in Tennessee took some video of her son to share and show the real effects bullying can do on a child. This young man isn't alone.  This happens in every school in every town across the country.

We all have a responsibility to help make this stop.  Talk with your children. Make sure they understand the consequences of their actions. Teach empathy. And lead by example by being careful about how you interact with other people.  These kids need to see positive examples of communication…. always.

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