Crossing guard hands out coats to students: 'She's an angel'

Crossing guard hands out coats to students: 'She's an angel'

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WECT) - Standing by the road in a bright reflective jacket and rhinestone hat, Minnie Galloway is hard to miss. After serving as a crossing guard for nearly 20 years, she says her job goes beyond helping Trask Middle School students across the street.

"They tell me different things, and you know, I feel like maybe that's a sounding board for them. You know, I give them a smile or whatever," Galloway said. "That's the best part of it."

On the first day of school, Galloway brought pencils and notebooks to hand out to students in case someone didn't have what they needed. On rainy days, you may see her handing out umbrellas.

When the temperature dropped on Wednesday, Galloway set up a coat rack with a dozen coats, offering them to any student who looked cold.

"Some of them come with no (jacket) and just a T-shirt or something, and you know, I'm fussing at them," she said.

Galloway picked up almost 30 coats from the Salvation Army. She said many students are too proud to take them, but that if one child gets what they need, it would be worth it.

Kayla Thomas, a teacher at Laney High School, posted a photo of Galloway next to the coats. In just a day, the post has been shared on Facebook more than a thousand times.

"This is an angel. Some of our kids don't get the basic necessities that they need to go too and from school and she's providing that to them," Thomas said.

Galloway said she was shocked to see the act get that kind of attention.

"You never know who's looking. I never thought anyone was paying attention," she said.

If Galloway doesn't give all the coats away, she said she will donate them to a church that prepares bags for kids entering foster care.

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