My turn: Future of H2GO water system is up in the air

My turn: Future of H2GO water system is up in the air

What a mess we have on our hands in northern Brunswick County with the future of the H2GO water system up in the air.  As someone who has had the privilege of raising children, I can tell you it doesn't matter who started it. The time has come to fix it.

We need adult voices at the table and above all, we need to stop the behind the scenes wheeling and dealing and focus on public conversations about how to manage the water system going forward.

The courts have stepped in and ultimately that's where it looks like we'll find out who is able to manage the future of the 10,000 customer utility.

I lament the unnecessary amount of taxpayer money that it is going to take for legal fees to get to some sort of resolution.

But what bothers me most is the additional divisions created since the election among leaders in this growing area, and that could prevent us from succeeding at a time when otherwise our future is very bright.

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Well said sir.


As for coverage of its source, I give your Station an A. But...the important issue that has failed to be covered, Chemours is not piping water into my house and selling it as potable. The persons responsible for poisoning work for the water department.


When I looked at the results of the election, I find that there was only 18 votes separating Carl Antos from Bill Beer.  The most important finding in the voting was that 65% of the voters supported H2GO Reverse Osmosis and 35% were opposed.  This clearly shows that the RO plant must be built.

In this election, the voters were most concerned about the safety of the water from Brunswick County as the cost of the RO plant has been reduced to $30M and the cost of the water is no longer an issue.  The opposition changed their emphasis from cost to a "Regional Solution" i.e. stay with Brunswick County.  A "Regional Solution" would not happen before 10 to 15 years and the cost per customer would be a lot more for H2GO customers as Brunswick County would have to build for the high use in the summer for tourist rentals but paid for by the smaller numbers of customers in the winter months.  The biggest threat to the safety of the Brunswick County water is the unanticipated and undetected contamination of the Cape Fear River water.  Before the contamination is detected by testing, the raw water could be treated, stored and even distributed to customers.  Reverse osmosis water treatment would remove these contaminants without further treatment.