WPD holds awards ceremony to recognize nearly two dozen officers

WPD holds awards ceremony to recognize nearly two dozen officers

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Police officers and a brave citizen who saved a life this year were honored at Wilmington's City Hall on Wednesday at an awards ceremony held by the Wilmington Police Department.

Of the 22 officers recognized, 15 were promoted and three officers were given a life-saving award.

Sgt. Alanna Williams saved a baby who was choking on a piece of candy in June and Sgt. Lisa Kittrell responded to a call for an unresponsive man, gave him CPR and saved his life.

Drew Leadman was the citizen honoree on Wednesday. After getting off work on the night of Sept. 11, Leadman saw a vehicle crash that involved an automobile flipping over into a retention pond along Darlington Avenue.

Leadman sprang into action.

"I jumped in the water and felt for the door handle," Leadman said. "I got the backdoor open first. There was a woman in the backseat. Her head was just barely sticking out of the water. I grabbed her and pulled her out and I asked if there was anybody else in the car. She told me there was a gentleman driving, so I got to the front door and pried it open. I saw his hand coming out from the water so I grabbed him and pulled."

WPD said it hopes to have a similar awards ceremony every year to recognize officers and citizens.

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