My turn: Giving Tru Colors Brewing a chance

My turn: Giving Tru Colors Brewing a chance
TRU Colors Brewing Company is putting more gang members to work through its apprenticeship program.

It's easy to dismiss the concept of Tru Colors Brewing without much thought.  But you'd be doing a disservice to what seems like a worthwhile effort to me.

We featured the story last week of George Taylor and his idea to recruit the leaders of gangs in the Wilmington area to work together to start a brewery in the community.

The way Taylor saw it, something needed to be done.  And simply arresting and incarcerating people without trying to look at the big picture issue of why people would join gangs in the first place was not working.

Taylor is risking a lot on this venture. Yes, his business could fail for many reasons.  The community may not support or feel comfortable with the idea of taking part of this project.  The gang members themselves still have ties to a community that has been proven dangerous and deadly.

Still, judging by the people our news team spoke with last week, I perceive a sincere effort on the part of these men to make a change in their life and a difference in our community.

So, you don't have to support it.  But if George Taylor gets his way, you most definitely will benefit from it.

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Emailed comments from viewers: 

Very disturbing that a confirmed gang member and convicted murderer after serving only 2 years is now running a brewery? Because he has turned his life around??? Rediculous! I would never patronize this business as I would have serious concerns about being shot in some kind of crossfire, and I certainly would not take my family there.

I feel that we have a problem with our current society with what is considered ok these days.

This story about the second chance brewery is like me saying that I am a hard core Muslim , but I want to work for a demolition company that blows stuff up.

But hey that's just my opinion.


You are absolutely correct! Thank you for your words??


Great commentary on a type of program that benefits everyone in our area!  WHQR radio aired a complementary story on Homeboy Industries in Los Angeles that has programs including social enterprise job sites:  Great to know we are part of a movement across the country giving gang members a chance at honest job opportunities with salaries sufficient to support a family!