'The Lion King Jr' showcases the talents of three different casts

'The Lion King Jr' showcases the talents of three different casts
Kathy Snow and the cast of 'The Lion King Jr' joined us on WECT News First at Four.

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - A show for your whole family to enjoy.

Disney's The Lion King Jr comes to a stage in Wilmington, starting Friday, Nov. 17.

Snow Productions is putting on four performances of the Disney classic with three different casts of young performers.

The talented performers will be outfitted in Broadway-quality costumes.

"We rented the costumes from a Broadway theater," Kathy Snow, of Snow Productions, explained.

Some of the costumes weigh 15 pounds or more.

"It is very, very heavy," Austin Toby, who stars as Scar said. "It gets hot, but in the end it is all worth it."

In all, 56 children are part of the production.

"We got to go see it on Broadway two years ago," Snow said. "The story is just amazing. Putting the costumes with the story and with the lighting and the sets, it's such an emotional show. There's just something about the Lion King. No matter what age, you love it."

"For me, I love all the music," Drew Fitzgerald, who plans Mufasa said. "It's amazing, all the culture in it."

Tickets are available at www.kathysnowproductions.com.

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