Baby gender reveal held for wife of Hampstead man killed in military plane crash

Baby gender reveal held for wife of Hampstead man killed in military plane crash
(Source: Saralyn Johnson)
(Source: Saralyn Johnson)
(Source: Saralyn Johnson)
(Source: Saralyn Johnson)
(Source: Saralyn Johnson)
(Source: Saralyn Johnson)

HAMPSTEAD, NC (WECT) - It was more than just about honoring veterans this past Veteran's Day for Cassie Lohrey.

Lohrey lost her husband, Hospital Corpsman 1st class Ryan Lohrey on July 10, 2017, in the military plane crash in Mississippi. The plane left from Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point in Craven County in North Carolina and was headed to Arizona for training.

Cassie and Ryan had only been married for one month before the sudden tragic event happened.

"Our wedding was June 3," Lohrey said. "Just to think your life had completely turned upside down in 24 hours, just nothing you would ever expect."

Three weeks later, Cassie found out that she was pregnant and is due in March 2018.

"We knew that it was something we wanted to try right away because we always wanted a family together," Lohrey said. "It was August 7 when I found out that I was pregnant. His memorial service was July 31 up in Indiana. Then I came home and a week later I found out that I was having a baby."

Despite the circumstances, Cassie says it was very exciting finding out the news that she is pregnant. She said she is very happy to have a piece of Ryan with her the rest of her life.

On Veteran's Day this past Saturday, Cassie decided to honor the day and her husband by finding out the gender of their baby.

Cassie asked a few of Ryan's friends and team members to help with the announcement.

She said there was no hesitation at all by the people she asked to help her.

"They were so supportive," Cassie said. "They wanted to be a part of the special day for the baby, and just wanted to honor Ryan. And just, I couldn't think of a better day to reveal his little bundle of joy that he left us."

The word about the reveal spread and more and more people wanted to be involved with the special event.

"Everybody wanted to be there for him," Cassie said. "They're still here for me and the baby."

It soon grew to 16 servicemen to help her announce the gender of the very special baby.

All 16 servicemen stood in uniform behind Cassie in her backyard. They all had a confetti popper in hand with either blue or pink confetti in them.

When the time came, they all popped the confetti poppers at the same time and a cloud of pink confetti filled Cassie's backyard.

It's a girl!

Cassie said the reveal with all of Ryan's fellow servicemen meant the world to her. She said she felt like Ryan was there with her.

"Just seeing everybody here, and us, just capturing the moment of us having the little girl," Cassie said. "Like I felt like Ryan was here with us."

Congratulations, Cassie and Ryan!

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