CFCC Board of Trustees announces settlement with former President Ted Spring

CFCC Board of Trustees announces settlement with former President Ted Spring


Cape Fear Community College's Board of Trustees announced Thursday it had reached a settlement with former President Ted Spring who sued the board following his resignation in 2015.

The college agreed to pay approximately the amount of the severance offered to him at the time of his resignation. The insurance carrier for CFCC is also making a payment to Spring for his losses and costs in pursuing the case. 

 "Sometimes finding a resolution is the best course action, even when you believe strongly in your position," CFCC Chair of the Board of Trustees Mat White said in a news release. "With a settlement, the College can move forward without the cloud of this past history with Dr. Spring overshadowing it. We believe that the financial investment by Dr. Spring in this case was substantial, and all parties desired to seek closure."

Spring's attorney, Gary Shipman, took exception to the announcement, however. He said Thursday night the board's announcement was completely inappropriate because the court has not yet ordered the CFCC board to pay. 

"Incredibly poor and politically partisan leadership," Shipman said. "If and when the court orders the college to pay, we will have much to say. Until then, no one should have said anything." 

Spring resigned in 2015 following a series of WECT investigative reports detailing purchases he made with his college-issued credit card. He later sued CFCC’s Board, claiming he was forced to resign. 

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